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Hertz Lotus Hire in Italy

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 00:00:00 -0700

Hertz are now offering the Lotus Elise SC for hire in Italy

Hertz and Lotus have the answer – drive a Lotus Elise to show the Italians they’re not the only ones to make a cracking two seater (and a lot cheaper). Hertz has teamed up with Lotus to offer a fleet of bright yellow Lotus Elise SC at select outlets throughout Italy from the middle of this month. True to say you could probably have hired yourself a Lotus before to trolly round Italy, but with a big car hire company like Hertz in on the plan you can be pretty sure there will be a lot of takers.

No word on price, but as a Mondeo Estate will set you back around €500 for a week in August I think you can safely assume it will be somewhat more for a Lotus Elise SC.

Still, making the right impression doesn’t come cheap.

By Cars UK