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Hyundai celebrates 10 years of 5 Year Warranty – & we get Mint Imperials

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Hyundai are celebrating a decade of their 5 year warranty in the UK, a warranty deal that has forced other car makers’ warranties to improve.

Before Hyundai became a real mainstream force in the car market they launched a five year warranty on their cars as an unbeatable sign of faith in their product.

It’s now ten years since Hyundai rolled out their warranty – which covers everything for 5 years and for an unlimited mileage – and long before Hyundai cars were ready to be mentioned in the same breath as the offerings from more established car makers.

Not only that, but Hyundai has now chucked in their triple care package on new cars which adds roadside assistance and vehicle health checks for the whole period of the warranty.

Love Hyundai or not (and we do; they offer a great deal, especially if the ‘Drive’ is not a big part of your wish list – and even that’s improving) it’s Hyundai (and Kia) we need to thank for improving warranties on new cars from other car makers (like Vauxhall’s ‘Lifetime’ warranty¬†and Toyota’s 5 Year one), so the 10 year anniversary is worth a mention.

We did wonder what Hyundai were up to when we got the post this morning, with a white box from Hyundai containing a pile of Mint Imperials.

The bottle of Mint Imperials – a perfect size for cupholders – was labelled up with Hyundai’s warranty details and instructions to take one with every new Hyundai. It got our attention.

So Hyundai got their story and we got to chomp on Mint Imperials for an hour or two (no, they didn’t make it to the cupholder in any car), but we also discovered that if you drop a handful of Mint Imperials in to a 2 litre bottle of Coke, you get a huge gushing fountain!

Don’t ask how we¬†know, and don’t try this at home (well, you can, but don’t blame us).

By Cars UK