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Hyundai i-Flow Concept at Geneva

Sat, 13 Feb 2010

The Hyundai i-Flow Concept will show at Geneva

Hyundai – as we never tire of saying – is the new Toyota (which is a big compliment – despite the current Toyota Recall woes). It’s having the same impact on car markets worldwide as the Japanese car revolution of a few decades ago. Hyundai – and its sibling Kia – are making more and more convincing cars at relatively bargain prices and pushing both design and quality further upmarket all the time.

The new Hyundai ix35 is a real challenge to cars like the Ford Kuga and VW Tiguan, and we’ll soon be seeing the Hyundai i40 turning up in Europe to challenge the Mondeo sector. And then there’s the new 2011 Hyundai Coupe – the Hyundai Velostar – on the horizon.

Which rather begs the question: What is the Hyundai i-flow Concept about? Some sections of the motoring press are proclaiming this to be the pre-cursor to the new i40. But that seems a very odd conclusion to come to. The Hyundai i40 / Sonata replacement has only just launched in Korea and we’re certain it’s heading our way as the Hyundai i40. Which means that the i-Flow concept must point to something else.

Perhaps it’s a pointer to the next generation Hyundai Azera. We don’t get the Azera in Europe at the moment, but perhaps Hyundai are planning on having a Euro model above the i40. Or maybe this is a pointer to the i40 – but the model after next. Whatever it is, we’ll no doubt get a bit more information at – or before – the Geneva Motor Show.

For now all we know is that Hyundai say the i-Flow Concept ‘Hints at a future D-Segment car’ and encompasses not only Hyundai’s latest design language – courtesy of their European Design Centre in Rüsselsheim – but technology from BASF such as solar panels and lightweight materials to help improve energy efficiency.

By Cars UK