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Hyundai i40 Hybrid & i30 CNG: Paris 2014

Fri, 03 Oct 2014 00:00:00 -0700

The Hyundai i40 Hybrid & i30 CNG on the floor in Paris

Hyundai is busy trying to find ways to reduce emissions and increase economy – just like every other car maker – and has arrived at the Paris Motor Show with a pair of economy-focused models – the Hyundai i40 mild hybrid and an i30 running on compressed natural gas (CNG). The Hyundai i40 gets a 48V mild hybrid setup just like the Kia Optima-T Hybrid, which means a 48V lead-carbon battery which cuts emissions from the 1.7 litre diesel by up t0 20 per cent by allowing electric-only running at low speeds and when cruising and, just like the Optima, the i40 hybrid gets a belt-driven starter generator for seamless restarting, which also contributes to engine power in normal running.

The beauty of the system – apart from improvements in economy and emissions – is that it’s very light compared to a full hybrid – just 46kg – and costs 75 per cent less than a full hybrid system to install. Hyundai has also fitted a larger turbo, boosting output to 153bhp and 265lb/ft of torque

The lead-carbon batteries are recharged during deceleration and through regenerative braking, and offer an excellent power to cost ratio as well as rapid charging capabilities and high levels of durability. Unlike lithium ion batteries they require no cooling and so they’ve been planted in the spare wheel well where they don’t pilfer valuable luggage space.

Also on show is the Hyundai i30 CNG which sees a compressed natural gas system installed to power an i30 with the new 1.4 litre T-GDI engine.

The i30 CNG gets the ability to switch between petrol and CNG, with a rectangular tank for the CNG in the floor pan and lined with a gas-impermeable polyamide matrix inside its glass-reinforced plastic outer skin, a tank which can hold up to 15kg of CNG at 200 bar.

When running on CNG, the 1.4 litre i30 develops 115bhp and 152lb/ft of torque and in the process emits just 91g/km.

Both the i40 mild hybrid and i30 CNG are billed as concepts, but it seems highly likely both will be options before very long.

By Cars UK