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Hyundai i40: On sale UK in June & first i40 interior photo

Fri, 04 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The first official photo of the Hyundai i40 interior

We’ve run plenty of stories on the Hyundai i40 in the last year or so as Hyundai rolls out its Mondeo-bashing D-Segment car around the world.

But as regular readers know, the Hyundai i40 the rest of the world has already got is not the same Hyunda i40 the UK and Europe will get. Unlike Ford – who are trying to make their cars ‘One World’ – Hyundai believes that Europe needs a different i40. It needs the slightly toned-down version of the Hyundai i-flow Concept we saw at Geneva last year. And that’s what we’re getting.

Hyundai are taking the production-ready i40 to Geneva next month, and as a bit of a tease they’ve released the first official photo of the interior (above). We still don’t have an official photo of the i40′s exterior, but worry not. We managed to grab a photo of the new Hyundai i40 for Europe from Hyundai blog last year. So now you know what to expect – inside and out.

And Hyundai are hyping up the expectations of a quality product that will really affect cars like the Mondeo. They’re talking of the i40 as moving Hyundai towards “…’modern premium’ positioning that will bring high-end features and vehicle quality to Hyundai customers at accessible prices.”

Hyundai also talks of the i40 as having an “…innovative and attractive silhouette around a spacious and luxurious interior”. Which all sounds a bit hyped-up. But from what we’ve seen and what we know the European Hyundai i40 is going to cause quite a stir.

We’ll find out just how much of a stir in a few weeks time.

By Cars UK