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Hyundai to give away a free cow with every new car

Mon, 03 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0700

It looks like Hyundai are planning to give new car buyers a free cow to save the Sunday Roast from rising fuel costs.

It looks like Hyundai’s clever PR bods have found a way to boost car sales in the same way as Scrappage did, by planning to save the Sunday Roast from the inexorable rise of fuel costs.

They’ve commissioned a survey to find out what motorists are having to give up as fuel costs rise, and have decided the worst thing is missing out on Sunday’s Roast Dinner.

There’s a whole raft of things drivers are giving up to save fuel in Hyundai’s survey, including visits to family, nights out and food in general, but it’s the loss of the roast dinner that features at the top of the list.

So it looks like Hyundai are all set to give away a year’s worth of Sunday Roasts with every new Hyundai in the UK, with a choice of a cow, a pig or a lamb and even a sack full of nuts for the veggies.

So if you’re worried about having to suffer egg and chips for Sunday lunch, then dash off to your local Hyundai dealers, grab a new Hyunda i20 that can do up to 88mpg, and get a free cow.

You know it makes sense.

Note: Hyundai are worried that some might not realise we’re poking fun at their worries about the great Sunday Roast, and they’ll be queueing up at the local Hyundai dealers demanding a free cow. So please note that you won’t get a free cow just because you have no sense of humour.


By Cars UK