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I Draw Cars: The sketchbook that puts drawings into perspective

Tue, 14 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0700

I Draw Cars is a project set up by Adam Hubers and Matt Marrocco – both CCS graduates – to encourage designers young and old to pick up their pens and practice that most basic yet powerful tool in their kit: sketching.

Their new book features over 100 pages of perspective underlays – from basic views right up to complex three-point – to use as templates with which to practice. Each underlay is printed in non-photo blue, meaning it won't be picked up by a scanner should you choose to drop it into Photoshop.

Hubers has also created a series of artworks that demonstrate the correct proportions for each vehicle segment a well as step-by-step guides to constructing sketches.

“We're trying to bridge the gap between a presentation-type book with a bunch of hot renderings and an empty sketchbook that everybody buys,” explains Marrocco. “You have all this great reference material but nowhere to apply that stuff...our book is portable with at-a-glance reference material in it that helps you along when learning how to sketch.”

Although the book is aimed at intermediate-level sketchers the freedom of its layout should appeal to everyone from those who are dipping their toe into the waters right up to professionals looking to quickly explore design without having to focus too hard on accurate perspective.

“For me this project has been about helping others find their path to design whether it is in automotive or any other design field,” says Hubers. “Matt and I hope our book can become an industry standard and a desired tool to get people of all backgrounds at the level they wish to be at.”

The book is available to order now from the I Draw Cars Kickstarter page for $25, with other merchandise available if you pledge more money to the project.

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By Owen Ready