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Infiniti JX Tease – now it’s almost the whole JX front. Steady!

Thu, 28 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Infiniti JX Concept Tease 4

It’s now become something of a challenge to make sure we cover every tease we get for the Infiniti JX Concept ahead of its reveal at Pebble Beach next month. Although we’re starting to regret it.

How many different ways can you say that we’ve seen a new angle of a cropped shot of a new Infiniti? How excited can you get about the dance of the seven veils when the end result is a Nissan crossover with a fancy badge?

But try we will.

The last JX Concept tease managed to show us all down one side, whereas what went before was just a front and back light of the new Infiniti crossover.

This tease – which is tease 4 of, we think, 104 – manages to show us more of the face of the JX than any of the previous three teaser images. You could perhaps argue that there’s a dose of the Infiniti M Saloon about the front. Which actually isn’t a bad thing. Because for yet another homogeneous Japanese posh sports saloon the M’s not a bad effort.

And it’s a lot better than what we’d been half expecting, which was an Infiniti QX on a boil wash. And if you don’t know what an Infiniti QX is, it’s the Lexus take on the Nissan Patrol. Which should make it rather desirable. After all, the Nissan Patrol is a hugely able SUV and bolting lots of toys and luxury on should make it a winner. But it’s not.

The Infiniti QX is probably the worst looking luxury SUV on the planet. And our concern was that Infiniti would let the QX  dictate the design language for the JX. Thankfully, the JX seems to have been designed with a lighter touch – and by a team without white sticks. Although we won’t know for sure until we’ve seen the next 100 JX teases arrive.

Can’t wait.

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