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Jaguar F-Type: Fearless

Fri, 06 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Jaguar is continuing its PR assault for the new F-Type with a video setting out just how special the new Jaguar F-Type will be.

If there’s one thing that separates ’New Jaguar’ from ‘Old Jaguar’ it’s their willingness to embrace every opportunity to positively promote their cars at every possible turn and in every possible way.

The launch of the new XJ properly started the new style of PR offensives when Jaguar managed to release what seemed like a thousand teasers for their new big Cat before we’d even seen it in the flesh, and that was a full year before the first new XJs even hit Jaguar showrooms.

And it’s clear Jaguar are going the same route with the new F-Type – which itself is still probably a year away from showrooms – as they conspire to raise the bar – and the profile – of the new F-Type at every turn.

The latest outing for Jaguar’s marketing of the F-Type ahead of its launch is a video which sets out Jaguar’s ambitions for the car, and they’re not exactly understated and ‘British’.

“We can afford to be as fearless as we want with this car”, says Ian Callum.”This is our car and our time” he goes on to say. He tells us the F-Type stands for power and speed and performance and agility; the relationship the driver has with the car.

Ian ends by saying that the new Jaguar F-Type “…will be one of the most significant cars of this decade and this century…of course we’re fearless – this is our right”.

What is really interesting is that Jaguar aren’t harking back to the glory days of the past per se to extol the virtues of the F-Type, rather they’re stating their history gives them the right to go forward, with a new sports car for a new century – the Jaguar F-Type.

Which is a very clever way of turning Jaguar’s past in to Jaguar’s future, and so much better than building a modern pastiche of past models in the hope nostalgia will sell. Of course, it all depends on the Jaguar F-Type living up to the promise, but, with a few caveats, Jaguar are already doing that with their current cars.

Rest assured, this is far from the last salvo from Jaguar in the battle for the hearts of sports car buyers – the Jaguar F-Type will be back again very soon.


By Cars UK