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Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel averages 62.9mpg on 2,884 mile U.S Road Trip

Tue, 15 Nov 2011

The Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel completes its US Road Trip

Last week we reported that Jaguar were taking an XF 2.2 Diesel to the US to drive from New York to Los Angeles to show just how economical the new, smaller engined diesel can be when driven on long, open roads.

It was the U.S version of the economy run from Jaguar to Munich earlier this year, when economy-run specialists David and Alexander Madgwick managed to squeeze 57mpg out of the parsimonious XF.

Which made us wonder if there was more to this run across the States than just another bash at shining the new XF’s eco-halo.

But Jaguar were clear; the US diesel market is not yet mature enough - certainly for anything at the luxury end of the scale – to contemplate selling a Jaguar diesel in the Land of the Free. Instead, this expedition was about finding enough open space to let the 2.2 diesel XF strut its stuff. And strut it did.

On the trip from New York to Los Angeles – a total of 2,884 miles, the equivalent of London to the Sahara, Jaguar would like you to know – the XF 2.2 crossed three time zones over the eight day trip, stopped only four times to refuel, managed to average 62.9mpg overall with a best sector of 67mpg.

Which entirely vindicates Jaguar’s decision to let the XF strut its stuff on empty US roads, although they still managed to hit heavy stop-start traffic so it wasn’t all constant speed, super-eco conditions. Particularly heading in to Los Angeles on the last day.

So now you know that if you can find a big empty road trip in the UK or Europe – where the XF 2.2 is actually sold – you could get the right side of 60mpg.

But as Jaguar couldn’t find such a road – which is why they trollied off to the States – you don’t have much chance either, so it’s probably best to think in terms of the right side of 50mpg as your target in the real world.

Which is still astonishing for a luxury Jaguar with decent performance, handling and comfort.

Well done, Jaguar.

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