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Jaguar XF SportBrake: Jaguar start to tease the XF Estate on Twitter

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0800

Jaguar XF SportBrake Spy - but it's an 'official' leak

We’ve been talking about a Jaguar XF Estate – a big hole in the XF range – for a very long time. But finally we got confirmation from Jaguar that the XF Estate is actually going to happen and Jaguar’s designer, Ian Callum saying the Estate would arrive as the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

But we still had no idea exactly when Jaguar would get round to actually launching the XF Sportbrake. But now we know it’s getting close.

Jaguar has launched a new Twitter account this afternoon – @sportbrake – which is the opening salvo in the PR campaign for the new XF Estate.

All we’ve had so far is a couple of enigmatic Tweets, the first saying ‘Achieving balance in life is by no means easy…’, and the second stating ‘… few people achieve it… have you?’

We thought the Twitter account may be an opportunistic one set up by someone hoping to make a move before the XF Sportbrake starts to appear, but the fact the Jaguar themselves are following @Sportbrake made us dig more.

All Jaguar will say at the moment is that the @sportbrake account is an offcial one, so it seems clear that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about Jaguar’s XF Estate very soon.

Jaguar do say they confirm development of the XF Estate and that we’ll have something official in the New Year. And the spy shot of the XF Sportbrake at the top is an ‘official’ one – complete with @sportbrake slapped on the side!

What we probably won’t see yet is a 4WD XF Sportbrake. It seems likely that will have to wait until the next XF – with an aluminium chassis – arrives in a few years. But we’ve been wrong before, and it would be great if Jaguar have found a way to make the current XF 4WD.

But it’s now clear we will be seeing more of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake early in 2012.

By Cars UK