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Jaguar XF gets a few tweaks for 2014 MY

Tue, 11 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0700

The Jaguar XF gets a new engine and tweaks for 2014

In many ways the Jaguar XF is Jaguar’s most complete car, and significant updates since it launched in 2008 have kept it fresh and appealing.

But the tweaks Jaguar has wrought for 2014 are relatively minor as the XF gets towards the end of its current cycle, the most significant of which is an upgrade to the 2.2 litre diesel engine. The 2.2 litre ECO2 engine is a replacement for the 161bhp entry-level diesel in the 2013 XF and gets revised cooling and bigger EGR valves which have conspired to improve official economy, and therefore reduce emissions (to 128g/km) handily putting the 2.2 XF in to a lower BIK band (down from 21 to 19 per cent).

That cut doesn’t give the XF the edge over BMW’s 520d, but it does take it down to the same level as Audi’s A6 and gives you a bit more reason to buy the XF rather than one of the German fleet favourites.

Other tweaks for the 2014 XF are small, with a separate battery added for the stop-start and extended SatNav with IGO Primo which adds stuff like better address search options, smart keyboard, and a chunk of other toys for the Nav.

Apart from that it’s business as usual for the XF and Sportbrake, with just some colour updates for 2014 including Osmium replacing Crystal Blue and Dark Sapphire replacing Indigo Blue.

By Cars UK