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Jaguar XFR-S: The Video

Thu, 29 Nov 2012

With the Jaguar XFR-S now on the show floor in Los Angeles, we have the first video of Jaguar’s quickest saloon car.

Pretty (although quite un-Jaguar like) though the XFR-S is to look at, nothing gives you a feel for a car – apart from driving it – quite as well as a decent video with great sounds. And that’s exactly what Jaguar has on offer with their launch video for the XFR-S.

Yes, we get a bit of a moody beat going on in the intro – and in the background as the video plays on – but Jaguar hasn’t made the mistake of drowning the voice of the XFR-S in the process.

So we get a few beauty shots at the start – highlighting a few of the XFR-S’s carbon fibre features and interior – but the rest of the video is taking up with driving shots of the XFR-S on mountain roads complete with a rasping and burbling V8 soundtrack.

We won’t repeat all the price and spec details of the Jaguar XFR-S (we’ve already covered those in the last day or two); this is just about how the XFR-S looks and sounds.

And it looks and sounds very promising.

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By Cars UK