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Jaguar XJ gets the Startech treatment

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0800

Startech make the Jaguar XJ in to a luxury mobile office

The Jaguar XJ has been given a makeover by Startech – sister company to Brabus – with subtle styling changes, upgraded interior and business tools.

We’re not the biggest fans of some of the overblown styling modifications inflicted on very good high-end cars by aftermarket tuners. But the work Startech – sister company to Brabus – has done on the Jaguar XJ is very subtle and very appealing. even though it will be far from cheap.

Instead of adding stupidly big wheels to wreck the ride and enormous new bumpers with bulging wheel arches, Startech has taken the route of enhancement with the XJ. The aerodynamic bits added to the XJ are sane and sensible, with a revised front bumper and wings with new air outlets, a rear diffuser and small boot lip spoiler and stainless steel exhaust pipe tips. There’s also a set of 21″ alloys.

Inside Startech has simply upped the ante in the already glorious XJ cabin. The leather gets upgraded and the centre console gets covered in matching leather and extends right through the cabin to create a four-seater business express. There’s also some new high-gloss Piano Black trim.

But it’s the technology stuff Startech has done the most with to make the XJ one of the most desirable offices on wheels. Passengers (in the back, but where else would the be in a car like this?) get electrically deployed trays on the back of the front seats which serve up iPads and Bluetooth keyboards. And to make the iPads truly useful - and make sure ‘Mr Businessman’ is always in touch – the XJ gets a high speed wi-fi setup.

Nice to see subtle and clever modifications to the Jaguar XJ. Perhaps it’s time Jaguar pushed a proper high-end customisation programme themselves?

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Source: Startech

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