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Jaguar owners 'vote Conservative or Ukip'

Mon, 02 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0700

JAGUAR owners are extremely happy with their cars, don't mind the firm's Indian ownership and are likely to vote Conservative or Ukip in the next general election, according to new statistics released today.

A survey by among nearly 3,900 Jaguar owners found that 84% rated their motors an eight out of 10 or higher, with 32% rating theirs the perfect 10.

The firm apparently has some way to go to shake off its 'old man's car' image, though, with 86% aged 50 or more and a whopping 94% being male.

Asked about politics, the surveyed owners came down on the side of the Conservatives, with 37% saying they would vote for David Cameron's party. Ukip has seemingly won the hearts and votes of 27%, while the Lib Dems are not up Jaguar owners' streets at less than 1%.

Tata's ownership does not seem to have caused any issues with Jaguar owners. While 5% said they were less likely to buy a Jaguar under Indian ownership, 77% thought it made no difference or had no relevance. In fact, 80% thought Jaguar had ‘improved’ or ‘massively improved’ in the last three years.

A spokesman said: “Jaguar has clearly got it right. Their models, their dealers and their image have all been rated highly by Jaguar owners.

“Clearly [foreign] ownership is not an issue. As ever it is the cars a manufacturer sells, and how they treat customers, which really counts.”

By Press Association reporter