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Jeremy Clarkson loves BMW. Especially the 535d & BMW 1M Coupe

Mon, 21 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0800

BMW 1M Coupe - the most fun car of 2011

Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t had the easiest of relationships with BMW. He hated the first BMW X3 (didn’t we all), he thinks anyone with a brain would buy a 5-Series and ignore the X5, the BMW SatNav is only good for directions to Poland and he thought only knobs drive a Beemer.

But he has decided the knobs all drive Audi’s now and has declared the M3 the benchmark for all performance cars. But he also seems to have found BMW to be the number one car maker in 2011.

In his latest Powered Up DVD (no, we’re not on a commission) he declares the BMW 535d M Sport Touring to be the very best car of 2011. And we find it hard to disagree.

When we reviewed the latest 520d Touring rececntly, we decided it was probably the best estate car money can buy. We erred on the 520d being the pick in the real world, but if you ignore the price (or are spending someone else’s money) then the 535d M Sport is certainly a better car.

But, remarkably enjoyable thought the 5-Series Touring is to drive, Jeremy declared the most fun he had all year was in the BMW 1M Coupe.

And there’s one person at Cars UK Towers who agrees with Jeremy on the 1M Coupe. Claire got invited by BMW to take the BMW 1M up the Goodwood Hillclimb in the Summer, and she’s still got a grin on her face.

Just think of all the time and effort Jeremy could have saved in making his DVD by just asking us what we thought?

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Powered Up DVD Clip with BMW iM & BMW 535d Touring

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