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John Barrowman on Fifth Gear – the update

Mon, 20 Jul 2009 00:00:00 -0700

Captain Jack comes a cropper our driving with Fifth Gear

It appears – according to News of the World – that Barrowman got a little enthusiastic and came a cropper when his ambition exceeded his skill. Apparently John was driving the WRC Subaru when he lost control, slid down a verge and flipped the car four times. Not a small accident and, unlike Captain Jack Harkness, we’re pretty sure John’s not immortal!

But it seems that despite a few cuts and bruises John survived intact to drive another day. No doubt we’ll now get the ‘elf ‘n safety mob out saying that this just proves that it’s too dangerous to have this sort of stunt on TV. Well, life’s a risk – that’s half the fun – and John Barrowman is a big boy (no inside knowledge!). So leave well alone.

You can see the John Barrowman Rally Driving piece on Fifth Gear tonight at 8pm

By Cars UK