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Lagonda SUV – with antimacassar and cushions!

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 00:00:00 -0800

New pictures of the Lagonda SUV Concept have been published by Aston Martin

Aston Martin are in the process of attempting to revive the Lagonda marque, and had a bash at the Geneva Motor Show this year with a gargantuan Lagonda SUV based on the Mercedes GL. But it wasn’t well received, which considering how far away it was from how a Lagonda should be is no big surprise.

It seemed as if Aston Martin had taken the hint on the Lagonda Concept as it didn’t stay the course at Geneva but was pulled from the AM stand and shipped back to Gaydon. Subsequently, David Richards – AM and Prodrive – told us that the Lagonda SUV was built just to test public reaction, and that we’d see a completely different concept by May, which would be much more what a Lagonda should be. But we didn’t. And we still haven’t. Even though we were told back in September that there would be a Mercedes S Class based Lagonda Concept.

A Lagonda should be a sporting saloon; stylish; accommodating; a Gentleman’s Carriage. So that’s what we’ve been expecting to see, but it’s perhaps not what AM are thinking, despite the rumblings of the S Class Lagonda. They seem to have put the SUV Concept back in the frame by publishing a pile of new pictures on their site. And it’s no better than the concept we saw at Geneva. In fact, when you take in to consideration the previously unseen interior, it’s horrible.

Do you remember going to your Great Aunt’s and having those doily things on the back of the sofa? Antimacassars. That’s what they’re called (so called because the hair tonicĀ of choice for Victorian Gentleman’s hair was macassar oil – hence anti-macassar) and AM has chosen to wrap one round the back of every seat in the Lagonda. Not only that, but they’ve included a set of fluffy cushions that would sit perfectly on the antimacassar be-decked sofas we remember at Auntie Annie’s.

Can these really be the same people who designed the Rapide?

By Cars UK