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Lamborghini Aventadors frolic around Rome +Video

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Lamborghini Aventadors - frolicking in the Spring sunshine

It was a long time coming, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. But since it arrived Lamborghini has taken every opportunity it can to put it front and centre. And who can blame them?

And yet the Aventador – in any real sense – has only been with us since January, when Lamborghini finally confirmed the Aventador name. We got that latest tool of the car launch – an ‘Official’ spy video – soon after and the seemingly de rigeur leak ahead of the official reveal.

Officially, we didn’t get to the the Aventador until the Geneva Motor Show at the end of February, when we learned for sure much of what we already knew.

Looking like a cross between a Sesto Elemento and a Reventon, the Aventador has a lightweight carbon fibre tub, a mighty 6.5 litre, 619bhp V12 and a 0-60mph of under 3 seconds. The interior of the LP700-4 is a big leap forward in quality over the Murcielago, and there are plenty of toys to keep the rich of the Playstation generation happy.

So appealing is the Aventador that it sold out its 2011 production run by March. But that hasn’t stopped Lamborghini promoting it at every opportunity.

Just last week we had a proper, old-fashioned shock and awe promo video for the Aventador, with the new Lamborghini taking on the elements of an erupting, post apocalyptic landscape. Lots of CGS maed the video huge fun, but less than real.

But now, with Lamborghini about to organise press drives of the Aventador around Rome, we get a proper Aventador video. One with real cars playing and frolicking in the countryside around Rome. It’s exactly the sort of video that does far more for the car’s appeal than all the CGI in the world.

And we have to say; it does look very good.

By Cars UK