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Lexus CT 200h Advance tops CT 200h range

Wed, 07 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0800

Lexus has revealed a new range-topper for its smallest car – the Lexus CT 200h Advance – with extra equipment and small price premium.

The new range-topping Lexus CT 200h Advance

We’re not entirely convinced that Lexus has got their baby car quite right – we’d rather see it drop its rather harsh suspension setup and offer proper compact cosseting - but there’s a ready market from buyers wanting a touch of Japanese luxury in a more compact form.

But it seems Lexus are at least heading in the direction they should with the CT 200h by launching a new range-topping model - the Lexus CT 200h Advance – with more toys as standard to appeal to the downsizer who wants their luxury setup ready-made.

The CT 200h Advance gets stuff like SatNav, reversing camera, Cruise, folding door mirrors. metallic paint and auto lights as standard, and yet costs just £500 more than the previously range-topping SE model.

Also new for the Advance is ‘Tahara’ upholstery – an eco synthetic leather – and MoveOn SatNav that can be operated by a touch pad in the centre console and has its own built-in SIM for access to Live Information (yo do pay a subscription – but the first year is free).

A sensible offering, the Lexus CT 200h Advance gives down-sizers most of the toys they’re used to without a silly price point – it’s just £500 more than the SE at £24,495.

But we’d love to see Lexus at least offer the option of a more compliant suspension setup for the CT 200h, rather than the hard and ‘sporty’ setup that just doesn’t suit the car.

By Cars UK