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Lexus GS-F coming. Says Lexus. Apparently

Sun, 05 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0800

Lexus GS from SEMA. The Lexus GS-F won't be so OTT

You’ll forgive us for the less than assertive headline, we hope. Because we’ve been hearing from lots of places – our sources and the sources of others – that Lexus are going to endow its GS with a serious amount of V8 grunt (actually, the last report we ran was that Lexus were giving the GS a V10) to take on the uber-exec expresses from the Germans (and the XFR) and create a Lexus GS-F.

So far all the rumours and ‘sources’ have been wrong. Lexus has seemed hell-bent on pursuing the hybrid route at the expense of all others – well, apart from the LFA – and its efforts have seemed concentrated on the CT200h – the Prius in Posh Clothes – with no fresh news on a GS-F.

We thought we saw a chink of light in the Lexus hybrid armour when there were signs of frivolity at this years SEMA Show with a plethora of custom Lexus models, very much factory supported. Sadly, not one of them had anything but the standard hybrid powertrain, but we did hope Lexus were starting to see the sense of something a bit more interesting.

And according to Road & Track Lexus has told them that they are building a GS-F. Apparently the Lexus GS-F will sport the same V8 as the Lexus IS-F, but tweaked and sorted to produce 465bhp. As well as a decent dose of V8 oomph the GS-F will get treated to a diet with liberal use of carbon fibre and aluminium.

With only 465bhp – with the competition all sporting over 500bhp – the Lexus GS-F is going to have to be close to anorexic to make an impact. And it won’t be coming all that soon – Road & Track say the GS-F won’t arrive until the GS gets a revamp in 2012. Still, a move in the right direction for Lexus. Good to see.

If it’s true.

By Cars UK