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Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package: Photos & Detail

Wed, 23 Feb 2011

Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package

When you’re making the most expensive car in your company’s history – the Lexus LFA – you don’t want to rush things. And Lexus certainly hasn’t. It’s taken a decade to get the LFA to market.

So when you announce that you’re going to build a limited edition of the already limited edition LFA – the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package – you can take a year from revealing a more track-focused LFA will be on offer in limited numbers to actually providing real detail, and it must seem like a mere blink in time compared to the gestation of the car itself.

So here we are, a year on, and we get some detail and photos. Photos which only show the LFA Nurburgring in Orange – just like last year. We must assume it’s the only one Lexus has built so far.

The fifty LFA Nurburgring cars will come in either white, black, matt black or orange. They’ll get an interior trimmed in black, black & red and black and purple with full carbon fibre on the centre console and door trims (in Europe, anyway).

There’s a set of modifications to the body to keep the LFA planted on track, including carbon fibre reinforced plastic front spoiler, side spoiler fins, canard fin and a big fixed rear wing. And it turns out the extra 10bhp the Nurburgring has is not down to a new exhaust – as we thought – but to make sure the aerodynamic additions don’t detract from the 0-62mph of 3.7 seconds.

As you would expect for a track-focused LFA, the suspension gets a bit of a tweak and a 10mm drop in ride height and mesh-type wheels are fitted with dedicated high-grip tyres.

And if you do fork out the extra for the Nurburgring Package – we think £50k on top of the £336k list price – you’ll get a one-to-one driving tuition session from a Nürburgring chief instructor (could that be Sabine?) and a year’s free pass to play on the Nordschleife.

A good package for the owner who loves to drive hard, we just wish Lexus had called it the  Lexus LFA Naruse Edition .

But that seems to be just us.

By Cars UK