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Lexus LFA Roadster coming

Tue, 28 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0700

Lexus LFA Roadster

The Lexus LFA is a very odd car from a company seemingly obsessed with all things ‘Green’, to the point where it finally builds the small Lexus we’ve expected for years and then lumbers it with a Hobson’s choice with the oily bits.

All that’s on offer in the CT200 is hybrid misery and CVT. Nothing else. Not a zingy little petrol number. Not a super-frugal diesel with cutting-edge DPF. Just hybrid boring.

What is even more odd about the LFA – apart from its unbelievable price tag – is that Lexus are building just 500 LFAs. Seemingly that 500 even includes the special edition LFA Nurburgring. But we’re not sure. We’re not even sure Lexus are sure.

Which I suppose could go some way to explaining the mega price tag. If all the cost of developing the glorious V10 engine in the LFA is to be spread across just 500 cars you’d almost expect the price to be even higher than the ¬£336,000 being asked.

Of course, we have long thought the LFA V10 would turn up in the new Lotus Esprit. But then we expected the Lotus Esprit to turn up at Paris this year. Instead of which we got a wannabe Rapide from Lotus – the new Lotus Elite – which makes do with the V8 from the IS-F.

So maybe no Lotus outlet for the LFA V10 after all. But word is reaching us that Lexus has found another use for the LFA lump Рthe Lexus LFA Roadster. It seems Lexus are planning on a production roadster version of the LFA which will be built in bigger numbers than the LFA.

When will the LFA Roadster turn up? We’re hearing anything from next year up to 2014. Still, considering it took about 10 years to get the LFA Coupe to the road that’s quick-sticks.

And it’ll give Lexus time to come up with an LFA hybrid.

By Cars UK