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Local Motors announces winners of Terra Prix 2085 design competition

Wed, 13 Jul 2011

Local Motors has announced the 10 winners of its Terra Prix 2085 Concept Design competition.

The competition brief asked entrants to design a two-person race vehicle that could navigate every terrain imaginable on every continent, as well as a support craft for any maintenance needed throughout the race.

The support craft had to be able to carry tools, extra parts, any potential module changes for different terrain as well as enough 'fuel' for both vehicles to move between three major checkpoints.

A panel of judges including Harald Belker, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon selected the winners, with the Local Motors community voting in a separate category.

André Doumenc's ‘Terrahornet' design won the first prize from the judging panel, which he describes as a ‘crazy insectoid race vehicle'.

Mahdi Garoosi earned second place after submitting ‘Squadro', a fuel cell-powered adjustable vehicle.

‘Maloka', from Mark Przeslawski, is a four-wheeled drive attack rally vehicle, and Przeslawski's design impressed the judges enough for them to award him third place.

In the Local Motors community selection category, first place went to Apollinar's ‘Global Spirit Racing', with Paulo Encanacao's ‘Team Berserker' earning him second place.

Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae's ‘Swarm' took third place in the community selection category, with Bhushan's ‘World Raider' and Greg Macy's ‘Granville Bros. Gee Bee R-3 TPx-HR' coming fourth and fifth respectively.

Justin Salmon was awarded the honor of Best Design for Entrants Under 18s for his submission, ‘Surge', and ‘Team Tell: Gigernaut HAR1' from Eric Strebel earned the prize for Wildest and Wackiest Design.

Special mentions from the judging panel went to Harlok's Terra Prix EU Team , Apollinar's ‘Global Spirit Racing' and Lude's ‘Lucky Team 21' was declared as the most elegant plane.

The Local Motors Design Team gave special mentions to ‘Team Stealth' by MasonBW17, ‘Buggy Run' by Superdade and ‘Alopex World Explorer' by Gustavo Italiani.

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By Rufus Thompson