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Lyonheart K: Was the Growler, still very Jaguar E-Type

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0800

Lyonheart K - the 21st Century Jaguar E-Type

The Lyonheart K was the Jaguar E-Type “Growler” and is now heading for production as a Swiss English venture by Classic Factory.

Last year we were treated to renderings of a  Jaguar E-Type homage in the form of the Visualtech Growler, an XKR dressed up as a 21st century E-Type. But it all went quiet. But now the Growler is back as the Lyonheart K in the hands of Swiss Design Company Classic Factory.

It looks like Classic Factory has taken the Visualtech Growler design and given it a tweak or three to make the Lyonheart K look a bit more aggressive than the Growler E-Type, and with new headlights that evoke the E-Type more convincingly.

Classic Factory has set up a British Company to market the Lyonheart K, and it will be built in Coventry. Under the skin appears to still be the Jaguar XKR with 542bhp, although Classic Factory say there’s a state of the art aluminium chassis and the body is carbon fibre panels.

The Lyonheart K will use only ‘genuine’ materials, with carbon fibre, leather, veneer, polished stainless steel, brushed aluminium and chromed metal. Classic Factory are now taking orders for the first 50 Lyonheart K cars, each costing €495,000 + tax.

But is the Lyonheart K better than the Eagle E-Type Speedster?

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