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MINI Clubman Hampton & MINI Pimlico Limited Editions

Wed, 02 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The MINI Clubman Gentleman's Sausage

Another day, another limited edition MINI. Or two.

MINI has decided that from now on it’s going to name all its Limited Edition models after London Boroughs, districts and landmarks. Which seems a very sensible marketing idea. After all, MINI is still synonymous in the minds of many with everything that was cool in London.

The trouble is, with all the London Boroughs, districts and landmarks there are to choose from, MINI has decided the first will be the MINI Clubman Hampton. Which must seem like a nice, traditional name. Hampton Court. Endless ‘Hamptons’ in the US. Perfect name for a MINI. But not if you’re actually a Londoner, it’s not. Especially if you’re from the East End.

Because a Hampton is a penis. A willy. A gentleman’s sausage. Hampton Wick = Dick. But always shortened to just Hampton. So I guess, for everyone who knows, the MINI Clubman Hampton will be the MINI Clubman Gentleman’s Sausage.

Not quite on the scale of cock-ups (pun intended) as the Mitsubishi Pajero (wanker in Spanish), but daft enough to amuse. At least if you have a vestigial (or otherwise) schoolboy sense of humour.

Anyway, name apart, what’s does the MINI Clubman Hampton have to offer? You get a new, rather fetching shade of metallic Reef blue paint, silver roof, alloys, red edging on the seats, black roof lining and dials and MINI’s Chilli Pack as standard.

Also on offer is the MINI Pimlico (see, a sensible name for a MINI). The Pimlico gets Laser Bule metallic paint, 16″ twin spoke alloys, Piano black trim and white indicators.

Both Limited Editions are on sale from March for twelve months. After which MINI will doubtlesss launch another raft of Limited Editions named after London Boroughs, districts and landmarks.

Maybe they could replace the MINI Clubman Hampton with the MINI Cock (Fosters).

I know. Schoolboy humour. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

By Cars UK