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Mansory Cyrus – the Carbon Fibre DB9 at Frankfurt

Thu, 17 Sep 2009

The Mansory Cyrus - a Carbon Fibre clad DB9

But then you see it in the flesh. And it may not really look like a DB9 at first glance, but something inside says ‘Yes, please’ to Mansory’s carbon-fibre fest that is the Cyrus. Despite ourselves.

Mansory has taken the standard DB9 and completely re-skinned it in carbon fibre. And added an extra 28 horses. The result is something that starts to look as individual as the One-77 – but still a DB9. Just more so. But before you get carried away and think a couple of grand would ‘carbonise’ your nice new DB9, do stop and pause. Mansory wants an extra £340k + vat for the conversion. And they’ll do the same to a DBS if you want, but they didn’t tell us how much more that would be.

Mansory Vitesse Rose

So the Mansory Cyrus is – at least in our eyes – extremely appealing. But the Mansory stand also contained the Mansory Vitesse Rose – a pimped Bentley Continental. Looking a bit like the bastard child of an illicit liason between Barbie’s favourite truck and a carbon fibre suit of body armour, it even sports a pink and purple interior. Tasteful it ain’t.

Still, each to his own.

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