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Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost. Ugh!! (except the oily bits)

Wed, 24 Feb 2010 00:00:00 -0800

The Mansory Ghost. The picture says it all.

Let’s get it out of the way first. We love the Rolls Royce Ghost and think the only problem Rolls Royce will have with it is that it’s hard to justify the extra for the RR Phantom once you’ve checked out the Ghost. Secondly, we like a lot of the stuff Mansory do – like the Mansory Cyrus DB9 at Frankfurt - and definitely like what Mansory has done with the oily bits on the Ghost.

But, pur-lease. Have Mansory’s designers been to Specsavers lately? They have some very good deals, and if they’re short of a few bob (the top-end car business can be a finacial nightmare – just ask Uwe Gemballa) they can always just get the eye-test and then go online to the mate of Princes William and Harry who does decent specs at cut-rate prices.

But I digress. We know that a lot of Mansory’s cars are destined for the Middle East, but this looks tacky in the extreme to my Westerm eyes. Still, we want to applaud the tweaks Mansory have made to the oily bits. They’ve stuck on a couple of big blowers, new Cats and manifolds and a laptop job on the ECU and managed to find 150 extra horses lurking in the RR’s V12. That cuts the 0-60mph to a shade over 4 seconds and the top speed tops 180mph. And the V12 is probably still not breathing hard.

Maybe in the flesh it will look better. Mansory are taking it to Geneva next week so we’ll let you know.

But we’re not holding out a lot of hope.

By Cars UK