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Mazda3 MPS and i-stop to launch at Geneva

Tue, 03 Feb 2009 00:00:00 -0800

With a new model of the Mazda3 released at Bologna, Mazda has now added more to the range with the announcement that the Mazda3 MPS and i-stop will be launched at Geneva in March.

The Mazda3 MPS is the ‘Hot Hatch’ versionĀ  of the Mazda3. Aggressive styling, including a big air scoop at the front, new grill trim and front fogs, a big spoiler at the back and twin exhausts, leave you in no doubt that the MPS means business.

Mazda3 MPS to launch at Geneva in March

Power come from a turbo-charged 2.3 litre, as before, but Mazda are not letting us have numbers yet. Our guess is that we should see a bit more in the way of horses, a bit less in the way of Co2 emissions and a slightly improved mpg. After all, that’s what every other manufacturer seems able to deliver with every new model launch, so it’s a safe bet Mazda will do the same.

The other launch is the Mazda3 i-stop, which is yet another makers name to add to the list of stop-go systems. Same as the rest means the engine cuts off in traffic and restarts when the clutch goes in. A clever idea, which means much better fuel economy around town, where all the stop start stuff is. If you use your car for motorways every day you won’t see much difference, but if you’re stuck in traffic you’ll probably see better than Mazda’s official 12% improvement.

More details on the MPS spec as soon as Mazda deigns to reveal!

By Cars UK