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McLaren DOESN’T stop production of the MP4-12C to fix problems.

Sat, 08 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0700

McLaren MP4-12C problems haven't stopped production

The McLaren MP4-12C is McLaren’s first road car in almost twenty years, and it appears that the new 458 competitor from Woking has a few problems.

Reports have been cropping up for some weeks that MP4-12C owners have been plagued (well, plagued is harsh) by a raft of problems including a battery drainage issue (something many cars suffer from early on), headlight condensation and glitchy door operation.

McLaren are adamant none of the issues affecting the 12C are safety related and it is therefore continuing to build the cars, so although there will be a delay for some new owners in delivery, the issues should cause no long term back log in deliveries.

The problems with battery drainage appear to be software related, with the MP4-12C’s electronics failing to shut down when the car is turned off. Those who have already taken delivery of their cars are being advised to make sure they lock their cars manually when they get out, which does shut down the electrics.

McLaren expect to have the problems cracked very soon and all the cars being built will have the modified headlights, glitchy doors and electrical shut-off fixed before leaving Woking.

In the meantime, McLaren is sending mechanics to those who’ve already got their new cars and have problems, and even those who have had no problems will get the upgrades done at their McLaren dealer.

We can’t imagine Ron Dennis is too pleased at this turn of events, but it doesn’t look to be a deal-breaker for future sales.

By Cars UK