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McLaren F1 to buy BMW F1 Engine ops

Sun, 04 Oct 2009 00:00:00 -0700

McLaren could be about to buy up BMW's F1 engine operations

BMW are quitting F1 at the end of this season, and the Sauber team is up for sale. But the engine operations are not part of the deal. So it’s starting to look as if McLaren are looking to buy up the engine side from BMW and become a completely independent F1 car builder – just like Ferrari.

Which could work well for both McLaren and Mercedes. Mercedes could concentrate their efforts on Brawn and McLaren could be what they really want – completely independent in F1.

The plan would fit in well with McLaren’s aim to become the ‘British Ferrari’ They already have hugely ambitious plans to build a range of road-going supercars – the first, the MP4-12C, was revealed recently – and gaining the ability to build it’s engines in-house is a big step in that direction.

As we say – just rumour at the moment. But strong rumour.

By Cars UK