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McLaren P1 GTR track monster revealed at Pebble Beach

Sat, 16 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0700

The McLaren P1 GTR track monster is revealed at Pebble Beach

McLaren has taken the covers of the McLaren P1 GTR at Pebble Beach (after a tease last month) to demonstrate its design and intent ahead of production in 2015, and it certainly seems to tick all the boxes. Being built just for the track – with no need to comply with road regulations – McLaren are able to produce a car that re-writes track performance, with a focus on a bit more power – 1000PS (986bhp) – and a lot more handling prowess.

The P1 GTR gets an 80mm increase in its front track, new front splitter and a set of slicks on 19″ forged wheels with centrelock hubs. Bigger wheelarches house restyled radiator ducts and the new rear valence directs the air to the track to create exceptional downforce.

Gone is the P1′s moveable rear wing to be replaced by a fixed monster to aid aerodynamic performance, and even the wing mirrors are moved to the same end, and the exhausts appear at the new back end as a pair of drainpipes rather than the singe outlet of the road car, and they’re made from inconol and titanium alloy.

To complete the drama of the new P1 GTR, McLaren has chosen a livery reminiscent of the F1 GTR from the 1990s, with plenty of Bruce McLaren Orange on show.

All the McLaren P1 GTRs will be run and maintained by McLaren’s Special Operations – in the style of the Ferrari FXX programme – under the McLaren P1 GTR driver programme, and it’s expected that around 35 will be built – at a cost approaching £2 million each – once the P1 GTR road car ends production in 2015.

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