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McLaren P1 development car in action on video

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0800

McLaren has released video of the development version of the new P1 supercar undergoing testing ahead of the production reveal at Geneva.

We did think, when we got an email from McLaren entitled ‘The next steps towards production’ on the new P1, that we might get some concrete details on exactly what the P1 will offer in the way of specification and performance. But no such luck.

But what we do get is the first proper video of the McLaren P1 on the go - albeit a development P1 with the usual swirly black and white camouflage.

What McLaren do tell us is that development continues for a car that will be the best driver’s car in the world, and that they are using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modelling and F1 simulation tools to make sure the P1 handles better than anything else, and that the physical testing allows further development.

One interesting snippet that does come out from McLaren’s press release is that the camouflage on the P1 we see in the video isn’t just a random black and white swirly job, but is actually specially design by McLaren and incorporates the outlines of many famous tracks around the world that are significant to McLaren.

It’s all looking very promising on the McLaren P1 front. It would just be nice to get more concrete detail.

By Cars UK