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Mercedes Benz Eyecatchers +video

Sun, 21 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0800

What first catches your eye?

If we asked you what it is that you look at first when you look at a woman (I know, sexist – but it is part of the story) you’d probably tell us it’s the rounded bits and then the face. Consciously, that’s what we think and that’s what we’d say if we’re being honest. Of course, if a woman asked we’d always say the face first. And they’d know we were telling porkies.

With that in mind, you’d think it would be fairly obvious what we look at first on cars. It’s the good-looking bits; the rounded bits and the face. But just assuming what we look at isn’t enough for the Germans. Especially not the very thorough Germans who have just built the new Mercedes CLS.

The design team on the new CLS wanted to prove scientifically what it is that grabs the attention. So they brought in a pack of boffins in white coats complete with a case full of glasses with built-in cameras that can track eye movement in the wearer to see exactly what catches the eye first.

Some of their findings were entirely predictable, and exactly what you would expect. Some of the findings in relation to what men first look at in a woman were also predictable. Although not all.

But then these are Germans.

By Cars UK