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Mercedes E63 AMG Drifting at Brooklands

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 00:00:00 -0700

The 525bhp Mercedes E63 AMG gets blatted round the Brooklands track in the video below

When you produce a mid sized saloon car with a great big 6.2 litre V8 you can be pretty sure that when journalists get the chance to play they’re going to be a little exuberant with your car. So why not get in first? That seems to be Mercedes thinking with the video they’ve produced of the E63 AMG strutting its stuff at a soaking wet Brooklands track.

The wet track makes the footage balletic rather than rip-roaring, and in some ways that’s almost preferable. The precision of the driving is a joy and the soundtrack sounds like a cross between Tom Jones clearing his throat and Thor on the rampage.

You can be pretty certain that when journalists get their hands on the E63 AMG at the track they will be doing it more in clouds of smoke and screeching tyres than in the controlled way Mercedes have. But that just adds to the story of the E63, which is a remarkable piece of kit.

We haven’t driven the Mercedes E63 AMG in it’s latest iteration, although the last model was rather special. Not quite as good as the Jaguar XFR, but a more usable car than the BMW M5 for anything other than a hair on fire blat. So the latest model holds a lot of promise. We look forward to a play in the not too distant.

For now the VT will have to suffice. And we’re sure Lewis Hamilton would appreciate the footage. Especially as there were no Oz plod waiting to pounce when this E63 indulged in a  bit of hooning.

By Cars UK