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Mercedes S63 AMG and S65 AMG – the Video

Sat, 02 May 2009


Mercedes S63 AMG and S65 AMG - the Video


We brought you news a few weeks ago from the Shanghai Motor Show, where Mercedes revealed their super-S Class models – the S63 Amg and S65 Amg. Well, not a company to do things by halves, especially when we’re talking about the top of the range S Class, Mercedes has released a promo film for the S Class AMG models – running to more than 20 minutes.

As we told you last time, the S63 AMG and S65 AMG get the same facelift treatments as the rest of the range. Not a new model, by any means, but a very nice tidy to keep the range topping S Class up to the mark before the replacement model arrives in a couple of years.

The S63 and S65 keep the same engines as in the outgoing model. The S63 ustilises a 6.3 litre V8, which develops 525bhp and manages the 0-60 sprint in a very impressive 4.5 seconds. The S65 AMG uses a smaller capacity, but V12 6.0 litre producing 612bhp. It manages to shave the S63′s 0-60 time by just 0.2 seconds, but the figures don’t do the S65 justice. In the real world, and sporting almost 50% more torque than its S63 stablemate, the S65 is simply astonishing. Its acceleration is so linear, and so awesome, the throttle starts to feel like a speed selector. So instant is the acceleartion, from what is a 2 ton plus, 5 seater luxury limo, it feels as if you hit any speed you desire instantly.

The styling changes are subtle but effective. The front grill gets a tweak and a chrome job, and LED running lights are incorporated in the front apron. New LED rear lamps adorn the back of the cars, and the S63 gets 19″ wheels and the S65 20″. 

The interior gets suitably luxurious appointments, with Passion leather and all the toys, including massage seats, sports seats and climate control. The S63 gets Mercedes’ very good 7 speed G-Tronic ‘box, but the S65 has to make do with a relatively old-fashioned 5 speed slushbox – because its enormous torque would destroy the G-Tronic!

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