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Mercedes SLK (2011/2012) ‘Magic Roof’ Spy Photos

Sat, 30 Oct 2010 00:00:00 -0700

The Mercedes SLK Magic Roof 'Official' Spy Photo

Regular readers may remember that in the run-up to the reveal of the Mercedes SLS we had ‘official’ spy photos – and even an official ‘spy’ video – of the Mercedes SLS. Which Mercedes obviously felt played well with the Interweb and our lust for news as they’re at it again with the 2011 / 2012 Mercedes SLK.

We thought the tease for the next SLK had started early when Mercedes sent us the first teaser picture at the start of the month. But that teaser photo ties straight in to this ‘Spy’ photo as they both relate to the ‘Magic Sky Control’ roof which can be fitted to the next SLK.

We say ‘can be fitted’ to the next SLK, because it’s entirely optional. Despite all SLKs being hard-top convertibles it seems you’re going to have to cough up a couple of grand if you want the magic roof on your new SLK. So you can treat this – and that first teaser image – as the start of a convoluted pitch for an optional extra on a yet to be released car.

Anyway, cynicism to one side, Mercedes has been out testing their magic sky control roof in Death Valley and took their cameras with them. And Death Valley is a good place to go to test a toy that’s designed to limit the ingress of heat and light through glass. Death Valley is certainly hot and sunny.

In essence the roof on the new SLK (the optional roof) can be lightened and darkened at the touch of a button, which is doubtless  a technology Mercedes will ultimately use to allow minor celebs and the terminally shy to hide from the prying noses of Joe Public and escape the wrath of Plod.

We expect to see the next generation Mercedes appear at Frankfurt next year, and possibly as early as Geneva.

And you can bet your house the show car will have Magic Sky Control.

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