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Mercedes SLK (2011/2012) promo video leaks

Sat, 04 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0800

The 2011 Mercedes SLK promotional video leak out

The best laid plans of mice and men…and car makers.

Mercedes has been busy teasing us with bits of the 2011 Mercedes SLK (or probably 2012 Mercedes SLK if you’re on the other side of the Pond) for quite a while. We had the ‘Feature’ shot of the ‘Magic Sky Control‘ roof which looks a greeat feature, but turns out to be an optional extra.

We also had that oxymoron that is becoming accepted practice when there’s a new car to hype up – the ‘Official’ Spy Shot. All camouflaged up and obviously out testing, Mercedes wanted to make sure they got ‘Spy’ shots of the new SLK on the interwebs. And they succeeded.

But now things have gone a bit pear-shaped for Mercedes with the leak of the promo video of the 2011 Mercedes SLK below. It’s obviously been made for the French market (we worked it out – we are cunning linguists, after all) and shows jsut about every saleable feature the new SLK will sport.

We can see the AirScarf and Magic Sky Control; the adaptive lights and seven-speed ‘box. In fact, there’s not really anything of importance missing. But then if there were bits missing it wouldn’t be much of a promo video, would it?

It’ll be interesting to see where Mercedes go with the tease now and if they ask for the video to be taken down. What this promo VT does probably tell us is that the new SLK is going to arrive a bit earlier than we thought - probably at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

If nothing else this video leak has probably saved us from an interminable SLK tease.

By Cars UK