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Mercedes want in with Brawn GP

Wed, 13 May 2009 00:00:00 -0700

Mercedes are considering closer ties with Brawn GP


With Brawn GP wiping the floor with everything on the F1 circus this season, and particularly World Champions McLaren, it is being reported that Mercedes are seeking a closer relationship with the new darlings of the paddock.

At the moment Mercedes supplies engines to Brawn GP on a customer basis. In other words, Brawn GP has to cough up the cost – which will not be insignificant. But F1-Live is reporting that Mercedes is seriously considering tying up with Brawn GP to get the Mercedes Logo on the championship leading cars.

There are a couple of flies in the ointment on this though. It has been reported recently that Mercedes are considering running a manufacturer ‘Team Mercedes’ next year in F1. Now this may just be a way of giving McLaren a good kicking (the relationship between McLaren and Mercedes has been far from perfect for some time), but it may have been a serious consideration. But if instead they go down the route of getting in to bed with Brawn GP, what will become of the relationship with McLaren?

But despite the obstacles, there is a pretty decent chance that we will soon be seeing the Brawn GP cars sporting the ‘Three Pointed Star’ of Mercedes, and even the possibility of a Mercedes-Brawn (or even a Mercedes-Virgin-Brawn) car on the grid. After all, Mercedes are in F1 for the glory, and they’re not getting much of that with McLaren this year. So it looks to be a strong possibility.

Which, with the dearth of sponsorship on the Brawn GP car at the moment, should make Ross Brawn smile almost as much as Brawn’s position in the World Campionship.

By Cars UK