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Morgan AeroMax For Sale: Hammond Morgan – just one prang

Sat, 12 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0800

Richard Hammond's Morgan Aeromax is up for grabs at £100k

As well as the joy of having a BBC budget to play with endless cars around the world, being a Top Gear presenter is also quite lucrative.

Beyond the not inconsiderable salaries attached to presenting TG, the profile Top Gear affords has made stars out of the previously unknown Hammond and May, presented them with other lucrative presenting jobs and let their every uttering in print hit the best-seller lists.

Captain slow may drive a Panda around town, but he has an F430 for play. Hamster may be a country boy with a penchant for old Land Rovers and old Porsches, but Richard Hammond is not immune from the charms of a supercar either – in his case the Morgan Aeromax.

Just 100 Morgan Aeromax were built, and just half a dozen of those were made in right hand drive with a manual ‘box. The Hamster has one of those six.

But now he’s bored so it’s up for sale through Mole Valley at £100k. Which means Richard will have had a couple of years of almost depreciation-free motoring from the Morgan. Still, with just a handful made it’s not a huge surprise the Aeromax is holding on to its value. Despite a prang.

A prang, you say? Oh, yes. Just after Richard Hammond took delivery of his new Morgan Aeromax he drove it in to the back of a queue of traffic in Gloucestershire. The  four-car shunt resulted in much swapping of details and bent metal, but no injuries.

Luckily for Hammond no one ran in to him, so the damage to the Aeromax was just at the front. So if you’ve always fancied a ‘Hammond Morgan’, now’s your chance.

Just one careful(ish) owner.


By Cars UK