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New Jaguar XE (Jaguar C-X16) Spy Video

Sun, 28 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0700

New Jaguar XE Spy video - or C-X16, if you prefer

Will Jaguar’s new small Roadster – which we’re persisting in calling the Jaguar XE – actually turn up at Frankfurt 2011? Yes, but in the guise of what Jaguar are calling the Jaguar C-X16 ‘production concept’.

We’ve had some spy photos of the Jaguar XE before – and we had Jaguar’s sketch of the C-X16 a couple of weeks ago, which told us nothing – and now we’ve got video of the XE (or at least a cut-down XK mule) out testing in Death Valley.

Inside Lane have bagged the video of Jaguar’s new baby roadster pounding round in the searing heat of Death Valley – home to almost every new car on the planet at one time or another – as Jaguar get some hot weather testing miles under the XE’s belt.

What we see is what we’ve already seen on the still photos of the XE mule – it’s a cut-down XK platform. But it’s actually a cut-down next generation XK platform, not the current car’s.

The XE is squat and wide – almost the opposite of the E-Type, which Jaguar are hoping will be evoked by the XE – and will probably come with V6 engines. Those V6 engines will be both naturally aspirated and turbo’d/supercharged, and will include the V6 turbo diesel from Jaguar’s existing range.

What exactly the XE in the video clip has under the bonnet we don’t know, but it’s not the most powerful-sounding lump. It also seems to be equipped with a slush-box of some sort rather than a DSG or manual, certainly if the rather slurred-sounding changes are anything to go by.

But the video does give us the chance to see that Jaguar has bolted a disguised nose and tail on this XE, as well as taking the trouble to keep the XK’s exhaust tailpipes on view whilst sneaking the real exhaust pipes out in the middle.

In fact, this may be less of a Jaguar XE mule and more of a disguised C-X16 after all.

By Cars UK