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New Lagonda Concept on the way

Fri, 13 Mar 2009 00:00:00 -0700

The Lagonda Vignale Concept from 1993. More of a clue to the next Lagonda than the 2009 Geneva Concept?


It wasn’t exactly unreserved praise and delight that greeted the launch of the Lagonda Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. At best it was surprise, at worst incredulity that Aston Martin could show something so far removed from everything that Lagonda traditionally represents.

But it would seem that David Richards, boss of ProDrive and Aston Martin, is not remotely perturbed by the reception the Lagonda concept received. In fact, he is reported to have smiled when questioned about the concept by Le Blog Auto.

Apparently, according to Richards, the Lagonda Concept that appeared at Geneva was just a way of testing public reaction, and in no way represents the way forward for Lagonda. Now is that a reaction to the criticism, or is it for real? Who knows, but Richards went on to add that there will be a new Lagonda Concept in May that will be “…completely opposite to the one you saw in Geneva”.

So what does that mean? A micro car?! Not likely, but perhaps something more in keeping with the Lagonda name is on the cards after all. Perhaps a ‘Shooting Brake’, which is something Aston Martin has done in the past. Maybe a Maybach-sized monster saloon?

After the completely left-field monster SUV that was the Lagonda Concept at Geneva, anything is possible. And if Aston Martin has got the rest of the Mercedes Platforms to play with, as well as the GL platform used for the Geneva Concept, then anything from an A Class sized car through to the Maybach, with SUVs and Roadster en-route, is a possibility.

We’ll’ just have to wait until May, when David Richards promises us the next Lagonda Concept will be unveiled

Source: Le Blog Auto

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