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New Lotus Elite: Top-Down +video

Wed, 13 Oct 2010

New Lotus Elite (2014) Top Down

I think we’ve just about got over the surprise of a New Lotus Elite dropping from a clear blue sky in the week before the Paris Motor Show. What we still haven’t completely got our heads around is the plethora of models subsequently revealed at the show itself.

Yes, we were expecting the new Lotus Esprit – even if we reckoned we might have got that wrong after the New Elite showed up – but we hadn’t reckoned on the new Elan, the new Eterne and the new Elise as well (never mind a City Car concept). And we were a bit dismissive.

How could Lotus even contemplate a couple of these new cars, never mind a whole new range of cars, we asked? Turns out that Lotus has a £770 million war chest for new car development. Which will help. So now we’re more intrigued than dismissive; ready to listen without too much ctitcism. For now.

So we’ve got a new photo of the New Lotus Elite. This time with the top down. Not that it means a lot – the new Elite isn’t due until 2014. But it looks pretty enough. Even if we’re not sure that in the real world that tin-top roof would fit in to an arse that size. Judge for yourself in the New Elite Video below.

Still, it’s not real yet.

By Cars UK