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New MINI Roadster: Istanbul Video

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0700

New MINI Roadster - Istanbul Video

Hold the front page! The MINI Roadster moves.

Sunday morning saw the release of a raft of information on the new MINI Roadster - which will arrive in Spring 2012 in the UK – with price details for the four Roadster models and more MINI photos than you can shake a stick at.

But MINI do like to dish our plenty of fodder for the interwebs, so as well as the 200 plus photos we got in on Sunday, MINI has now gone a very similar route to the one they took with the MINI Coupe and churned out a video for the Roadster which makes it clear this is a proper ‘World’ MINI.

For some reason, MINI has decided that the perfect backdrop for the brief promo video of the Roadster is the streets of Istanbul, with the open-topped MINI blatting round evocative scenery in Turkey’s capital.

We’d rather expected the video to continue on with blats round the streets of other capital cities, but it doesn’t. Unlike the video for the MINI Coupe – which managed top cover the roads of Iceland, Brazil and Hong Kong – it’s just 35 seconds of a MINI Roadster running round Istanbul with a couple of suited city types.

Which means either MINI has decided to save up its pennies for a rainy day and use just one location, or we’re in for a spate of Roadster videos in different capital cities round the world.

The opening titles proclaim ‘Saturday in Istanbul’, so it seems almost certain MINI are planning to give us a different MINI Roadster and a different capital city for every day of the week.

If they do, we’ll probably stitch them all together and replace the MINI Roadster in Istanbul video below with one showing the whole week’s worth.

Interesting though the MINI Roadster is, seven stories for seven videos will be ever so slightly excessive.

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