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New Mercedes E-Class Coupe spotted

Mon, 26 Jan 2009

New E-Class Coupe. A new model, or a replacement for the CLK?

But what is it, this new E-Class Coupe? Is it a new model for Mercedes, or are we going to see the end of the CLK? It’s not clear at this stage. But it looks about ready to go, and was shot on Mallorca where Mercedes where hosting a dealer event. So we guess it is close to showing, perhaps at Geneva.

The CLK, although a good car, was never a great seller. So maybe it’s time to drop it and add the Coupe moniker to the E-Class. Presumably that will also mean, in time, dropping the CL badge as well and calling it an S-Class Coupe.

Not too sure about this. Car names are so damn long already (a pet hate) but it looks the most likely explanation for this E-Class Coupe. Guess we’ll find out at Geneva.

By Cars UK