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New Mercedes S-Class Magic Body Control – invented by Chickens

Thu, 26 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0700

New Mercedes S-Class Magic Body Control: Invented by Chickens

Whatever you think of the new Mercedes S-Class (Merchant Bankers car?), and whatever you think of Mercedes name for its clever suspension tech – Magic Body Control – you have to be impressed by the technology. Yes, Magic Body Control might sound like a cheesy Paul Daniels magic trick or an undergarment for ladies of a certain age, but what it does is far more impressive than anything Paul Daniels or the makers of supportive lingerie can muster.

A camera on top of the windscreen scans the road ahead on Mercedes cars fitted with MBC looking for lumps and bumps in the way and sends that data to the suspension to set it up for the best possible ride.

Road imperfections as small as half an inch can be detected and the whole car can then be set up – with changes happening imperceptibly in fractions of a second – improving not just the ride by a ‘magic’ amount, but making the car more stable too.

It all sounds a bit techy and a bit difficult to get across by Mercedes PR, but they’ve done a fine job by enlisting a trio of chicken to demonstrate its efficacy in this video.

Cleverly done.

By Cars UK