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Nissan ESFLOW: Great toy – won’t happen

Wed, 02 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0800

Nissan ESFLOW EV - Looks great. will never be built

You all know we’re not overly impressed with the way makers of electric cars pitch their products. ‘They’ll save the planet’ they say. ‘The future of personal transport’ they cry. ‘Better and cleaner‘, they evangalise. Poppycock.

Electric cars are nothing but a toy, shifting the burden of expensive technology on to the buyer and tax payer. An expensive technology that fails to deliver any improvements on an ICE car, save shifting pollution to the point of generation instead of the point of use.

But the Nissan ESFLOW - we see a use for this. A weekend B-Road blatter. A car to run round the back roads close to home. Not to go anywhere, just to drive.

With a motor on each rear wheel delivering optimum torque for maximum acceleration and batteries distributed across its chassis for perfect weight distribution, we think it would be a hoot.

That it looks like the result of a cyber ménage à trois between a 370Z an iPad and Tron is great, as is the current cheap-to-fuel status and a sub 5 second 0-60mph.

Shame is the Nissan ESFLOW will never make production. Instead we’ll get the pointless pseudo cars pretending to be a replacement for a family car. Which they’re not.

Now, as a perfect little city runaround second car an EV is perfect. And as a weekend blatter, the ESFLOW seems so too.

Apart from that, EVs are inferior in every way to the ICE cars we already enjoy.

By Cars UK