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Nissan GT-R Track Pack arrives in UK

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Nissan GT-R Track Pack - now available in the UK

Just in case a Nissan GT-R isn’t quite aggressive enough you can now have the Nissan GT-R Track Pack in the UK. Costs £10k.

When Nissan told us the Track Pack for the GT-R was going to be available in the UK for £10k they said it would reach Nissan’s UK showrooms by March. So by car industry standards it’s arrived early.

Actually, GT-=R owners in the UK should be chuffed the Track Pack is here ate all because so far Nissan has only made it available in Japan, although they do say they have plans to offer it in other markets.

The £10k cost of the Track Pack – on top of the £74,450 you need to pay for a GT-R in the first place – sees Nissan’s ‘Bargain’ supercar edging its way remorselessly towards £100k, a long way up from the not much more than £60k the GT-R was when it launched in the UK in 2009.

But what the hell, if you’re going top spend £84k on a basic GT-R then why not make it special with the Track Pack for another £10?. Then you’ll get a nice set of six-spoke RAYS alloys, extra brake cooling ducts in the new front splitter – and lose the back seats.

But you’ll also get stiffer suspension which is suited to the track (although you can make it more road suitable at the flick of a switch) even if you get the exact same power as the regular GT-R.

But with 542bhp and 0-62mph in under 3 seconds, it’s not the end of the world.

By Cars UK