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Nissan expands Beijing studio

Thu, 18 Jul 2013

With the expansion of the Chinese market, the country's position in the automotive industry is increasingly important. Homegrown design elements look set to enhance brand competitiveness, while the on-the-ground knowledge garnered by Chinese studios is becoming invaluable feeding back into global companies.

It's clear therefore that Nissan Design China (NDC) will play an increasingly important role in Nissan's global design network. In order to improve its design and development capabilities NDC has moved into new premises with facilities equal to or even better than its European and American design centers.

"We are building a team of talented local designers and modelers that will enable us to deliver world-class work for China and Nissan's global markets," said Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer and senior vice president of design.

From NDC's entrance, the nearby Great Wall of China inspired the design theme that continues throughout the studio. A virtual reality room allows designers to review high-resolution two-dimensional and three-dimensional data while the team has the ability to evaluate full-size clay models under natural light in the extensive observation area. Full-size plates allow the production of models on-site.

As with other Nissan design centers NDC will develop Nissan and Infiniti designs simultaneously.

Vice president of Nissan Design China Taiji Toyota told Car Design News that meanwhile, "Nissan Design China will carry out research of Chinese customers' mobility behaviors and needs, coupled with trends in world automotive design and people's future lifestyles, that will be fed back into Nissan globally".

Aside from NDC the carmaker has four other design centers, with two in Japan, one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom. The design centers work together to promote Nissan's design philosophy.

By Xie Guoqing & Bai Jianan