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Pagani C9: the tease begins despite problems at Pagani

Thu, 30 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0800

Pagani C9 - the tease begins despite production problems

As teasers for a new car go, the video tease at the bottom for the Zonda’s replacement – internal codename Pagani C9 – is about as obscure as anything we’ve had from any car maker. Although logically it’s only a step on from bizarre camera angles of minute detail, something we see regularly.

This odd little video came across our radar yesterday when Harry Metcalfe Рhe of Evo founding fame Рposted a link to a new website set up by an Italian web marketing company showing the video below. The video is said to show Horacio Pagani caressing a die-cast scale model of the new C9, showing us its high-set exhausts.

Harry says he is reliably informed a new teaser video will be posted every week until 26th January, when we will get live images of Pagani’s new car – and maybe we can then stop calling it the Pagani C9. The new Pagani will then make a live appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Which may very well be true. In fact we’re sure that Harry has impeccable connections and all he says is bang on the money (we checked the voracity of this video before we ran it and all Harry says seems to be right). But we rather doubt that the car we’ll see at Geneva will be ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Because, as we reported not long ago, the Pagani C9 is unlikely to see the light of day in any real sense until 2012.

Pagani, we’re told, is very short of money to get the C9 to production. That’s why we keep seeing ‘One-off’ Zondas popping up every five minutes. There are also still handling problems with the C9, which is said to be a long way off the benchmark set by the Zonda.

In addition, the production facility for the C9 is also nowhere near finished – although limited numbers of the C9 could be built in the existing Zonda facilities – and Pagani has other problems which impact the C9, which we will leave for another time.

Still, they’ve managed to produce a teaser video.

Source: Harry Metcalfe

By Cars UK